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Droptine 12 Point Bourbon Whiskey
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A Droptine deer is a rarely seen whitetail buck with one or more tines pointing down instead of up. Respected and admired by outdoorsmen and hunters alike, it's a Droptine's imperfections which make it uniquely better than perfect.

 It's our goal to make handcrafted spirits that are as rare and as perfect as the droptine deer.

So whether it's the ingredients we use, or the special processes for distilling, filtering, and infusing our spirits, or even the care we take in living up to a product called droptine, we think you'll agree, our spirits, like the droptine deer, are rare, non-typical and most of all absolutely delicious, or as we like to say, better than perfect!

Our Story

Our Founders

Where we hang our hats

Len and Dave Eder have been prominent outdoorsmen and bowhunters for the past 25 years. It's where they learned pursuit of the truly special droptine deer requires patience, passion, attention to detail, and a lot of luck.  

But the story starts three years before they filled their first bottle of spirits. Len and Dave were pursuing a project of preserving wild habitats for deer when they discovered this animal's remarkable palate, and intense preference for corn, persimmon, and apple. They half-jokingly suggested those flavors would make the most amazing drink. It was Len who first suggested "Droptine Moonshine" as the only name worthy of such a rare and non-typical combination of flavors.

And it would've been just talk except for an amazing stroke of luck when a few weeks later a friend helped them join forces with a small distillery ripe for just such an opportunity. This started the brother’s long passionate journey to develop that special spirit even a deer would love. Now, after three years of patience, passion, attention to detail, and a lot of luck, they're proud to offer spirits that are handcrafted in small batches and worthy of the name "Droptine".

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