Famous Breen Buck - Wall Drug - Click to Enlarge
Buck in Buffalo Bill Museum - Cody, WY - Click to Enlarge
Hole in the Horn Buck - Wall Drug - Click to Enlarge
As rare as the Monster Muley or Trophy Whitetail is even more so is the chance to
view an elusive Droptine Monster.   Nothing stirs a hunters excitement more than a
glimpse of a droptine hanging off an antler spread - making even an average buck
into a wall-hanger and the trophy into a dream buck.   See below the most famous
buck of them all:  

Famous Sandwich Bag Buck !
More Elk Photos on Mt. St. Helens
Colorado - 14 yr. old              J.C. Country, WA                   Nov. 2008 in Texas                             Dec. 2008 in Iowa
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Hammerhead 2 Buck
2008 Featured Droptine Bucks      Droptine Blog
Chris Wood Buck
Kyle Lopez Droptine
Sandwich Bag Buck - click to enlarge
Pending new World Record - Mexico
Not a droptine - but I wouldn't pass it up !
The Droptine.com Whitetail Hunting Team is headed to the Brayton, Iowa area for the 2nd season shotgun hunt, Dec. 21 2009   Looks to be cold, snowy
and a good hunt.   Four of us are looking for the droptine ghost thats been haunting the cornfields around Brayton.    We will be testing out the Winchester
XP3 sabot slugs and the Remington Premier Accutip Bonded Slugs using a pair of Mossberg 535 ATS slug guns, a Mossberg 500 and a Remington 870.    We
are putting the snowy ground up against our Schnee's Extreme boots, Redwing  Snow Claw XT 2000 gram boots, and Cabelas 1000 gram 8 pt. boots.  
Outerwear given a workout will include Rivers West gear, Gamehide Hushhide Jackets, and the economy-priced Remington outerwear from Wally World.   
Hoping for a good hunt - mostly still hunting - the area we are in doesn't lend itself for blinds we are told.   Can we sneak up on big whitey outside the rut ??  
Should be fun.    
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<---  The Droptine.com Team had
another great Elk Camp with four of
the more youthful hunters showing off
their success.  The older guys (
including this editor ) enjoyed tag soup
washed down with plenty of JD and Old
Crow.   The boys didn't grasp the
concept that spikes weren't upside
down droptines !